To upgrade or not to upgrade to the iPhone 5s

iphone5s-gallery5-2013Welcome to Haquerized! I’d like my first post to be combination of telling readers a bit about myself, as well as an opinion piece.

As a little bit of personal background info, I am disabled. My arms extend just beyond my elbow, and I have small hands and no fingers (which will be interesting when trying to use the TouchID sensor on the iPhone 5s). That being said, the iPhone has greatly improved my accessibility and productivity since it launched in 2007. Using the iPhone freed me from the constraints of phones with tiny buttons and allowed my unique hands more space to swipe around. Before the iPhone I could not read a normal newspaper without laying it across a table, or play a videogame without finding a pillow on which to rest the controller. As the iPhone evolved with each iteration it became my single most-used device and became a more accessible: computer, camera, mp3 player, notebook/journal, game console, newspaper, compass, GPS, device locator, etc.

While I understand reader’s reasons against upgrading to the 5s, many of those reasons actually support my decision to not just upgrade from my iPhone 5, but to upgrade early (and incure a penalty from AT&T for doing so). My 3 biggest reasons for upgrading are: the updated camera sensor and wide-angle lens, the 64-bit A7 processor, and FREE iWork and iLife apps.

To my first point about the camera, I am not a professional photographer, nor do I aspire to be one, but the updated camera negates my need to buy a pricey and bulky SLR camera, which I was originally planning on purchasing this fall. Apple’s cameras have consistently improved with each iPhone, and the camera in the 5s looks to really capture the depth, color, and clarity we are increasingly looking for. Also, the inclusion of burst shots and slow-mo video recording will only further enhance the photos and videos we can take. Next, the A7 processor will enhance the experience of our content creation/consumption by enabling us to multi-task and use increasingly capable apps with less of a drain on battery life. Finally, while not exclusive to the iPhone 5s, Apple’s newly FREE iWork and iLife apps will be optimized for use on the new flagship device, and will enable everyone to create beautiful content on-the-go.

I know I must sound like an Apple freak or iPhone fanboy, but its only because the iPhone has helped solve many of the issues I’ve had and made my life that much easier. The 5s may not be revolutionary, but it is a substantial evolution of an already amazing product line. I can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with next.

Written using Siri on my iPhone 5


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